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To be healthy means to find health at all stages, levels and compartments of life whether be it as a housewife, teacher, IT professional or employee of a big firm. Spandayog offers wide verities of yoga programs to professional right from daily yoga to specially designed yoga to fulfil corporate employees’ needs. There is great need of healthy environment and activities in corporate sectors to keep employees prevented from physical problems those could arise due to job requirement. Stress is one of the biggest factors that faced by grass-root employee till CEO of the company. If health (specially mental and obviously physical health) is ignored at work places, it results into unhealthy practices.

We have specially designed programs for special programs after going through understanding of health related issues with corporate professionals. Spandayog sessions shall contain ancient and modern techniques and practices to find health of happy note and make work place positive and healthy. You could also choose from our packages which shall be more suitable for the employees needs.

Yoga Packages:

1.      The Art of Stress Management
2.      Back Strengthening
3.      Ergonomic Yoga
4.      Feminine Health
5.      Lifestyle Management

Let us make work place a pleasant one to make the employees comfortable, stress free, efficient and having holistic approach towards life and work.

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