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Spandayog conducts daily yoga classes three days a week. You can choose days from Monday-Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday. Daily classes are conducted at Learning Curves. Classes are done with different time slots, whichever you find suitable could get in. you need not worry about learning, it is our responsibility to make sure that you have learnt and growing up with practices and group. Daily yoga is for people who think and have understood that daily physical and mental exercise is necessary to bring freshness to body and mind. We accept only limited number of people for each batch so that the teacher can pay attention to each and every person personally even in group

Our daily sessions are in the form of Asana (Postures), Suryanamaskara (SunSalutation), Relaxation or Meditation, Pranayama. The session begins and ends with prayers. Each session shall last for one hour. There are different age people but all of them are equal in this inner journey. For daily yoga sadhakas Spandayog conducts Outdoor Yoga Activity / Meditation session at least once in a month. Outdoor activity helps to make a family which is working towards individual and group health and well being.

Following Batches are available

Days: Monday – Wednesday – Friday

Time: 06.30am, & 06.30pm

Days: Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

Time: 06.00am