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Spandayog offers daily yoga classes/Workshop/Yoga Retreat/Group Yoga Therapy for family or society. Helping family or society to observe health on natural level, prevent problems and to certain extend help find relief/cure to physical or mental problems that are faced. Doing yoga in a family/society is great help to keep positive energy united and connect hearts which results into health, happiness and oneness.

All that you need to do is to convince family or society with required number of people. We shall offer society with a Free Introductory Yoga Session to know what yoga is and what Spandayog offers in the form of yogic practices. Our qualified and experienced, yoga teacher shall be at your premises to share this ancient wisdom as per the time and days decided. Through his activity we extend our hand to help you find positive, healthy and happy environment. Our class package duration is from three months to one year.

Your initiative towards family/society yoga can be boon to many to find health, the best help you can provide to your family or society. For information could call or mail us.