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Significance of Traditional Yoga

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Significance of Traditional Yoga Spandayog

Source of yoga:
Yoga is dated more than 3000 years back. The science which aims towards self-understanding and self-realization. The science which brings Thoughts, Words and Action in alignment. It was initially practiced only by the yogis. But later the need of lay people learning yoga for the prevention of the physical and mental issues was taken into consideration and thus this science was shared with layman. Traditionally yog has come from Guru to Shishya. Thus there was great inner connection between the teacher and the students, this helped yoga to remain pure and in its origin form.

Meaning of the word yog:
Original word is Yog but in course of time people (specially the non-Indian who cannot pronounce Sanskrit words without adding an extra ‘a’ at the end of each word made it yoga. Yog comes from the rout word call ‘yuj’ the literal meaning of this is ‘to yoke with’, it means to bring together, bind, connect or union. What is this union? This is the union of body to mind, individual consciousness to the universal consciousness.
First systematized book on yoga: Yoga had been since ages but was systemized around 200 B.C by the great sage called Maharshi Patanjali. The book is known as Patanjal Yog Sutra. He gave a different look to this science with more scientific explanations of human self realization and way towards perfect living. This book contains 4 chapters with 195 shlokas. The meaning of stura is thread. We shall see more about this in our next blogs.

Hathayog stream
There were few important books written by yogis on different dimension of yoga, it’s importance, technique and benefits. Book on Hathayoga was written as Hathayogpradipika by Swami Swatmaram. Later there were other books to name, Hatharatnvali, Shivsanhita, Ghrend Sanhita, Siddha Siddhant Paddhati, Vashishta Sanhita, Gorakhsha Sanhita. All these books speak about the techniques, importance and benefits of yogic practices.
Apart from the ancient yogis and those who came later there are few modern yogis who took up the task to make yoga available for every individual. They were the pioneers in some places as well as great visionaries. They also had the message of yoga for the benefits of humanity.

Modern Yogis
Swami Kuvlyananda founder of Kaivalyadhama Yog Institute writes Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body. It has a message for the human mind and it also has a message for the human soul.

Swami Satyananada :
Yoga is not a philosophy, it is a practical science. Philosophy gives you knowledge, yoga gives you experience. This is the beauty of yoga. That experience is a manifestation of your inner being.

Krishnamma charya:
Yoga is awareness, a type of knowing. Yoga will end in awareness. Yoga is arresting the fluctuations of the mind as said in yoga Sutras (of Patanjali) chitta vrutti nirodha. When the mind is without any movement, may be for a quarter of an hour, or even quarter of a minute, you will realize that yoga is of the nature of infinite awareness, infinite knowing. There is no other object here.
It is turely a message for the whole humanity and need of time to experience the greatness of yog.