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Louise Maes

I liked the yoga classes very much, it was relaxing but intensive at the same time. It was also good to stay in good shape!


Jaina Mistry- Spiritual Entrepreneur and Teacher, England

I came across Vidyadhar’s website and immediately felt drawn to finding out about his classes and teachings. What I felt most about being in Vidyadhar’s class is his passion for yoga but ultimately his dedication and ability to stay true to what he has learnt. His gentle manner was approachable yet he carries the discipline in himself and with his students that a true Yogi should.


Ashley Lester-Executive Housekeeper at Viceroy Hotel Group, Maldives

Vidyadhar is one of the most personable and knowledgeable souls when it comes to teaching and instructing students in the art of meditation and yoga. His style is pure Inidan Yoga / Mediation and can challenge the skills of those students who have taken up the newer and more creative forms of yoga practiced in other parts of the world. I highly recommend him and his colleagues. Very intuitive, trustworthy and just a good soul!


I am an endurance runner, and wanted to try out Yoga as a way to improve my running. I have been with Spandayod since they started out last year. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery; from physical benefits like increased flexibility, better immunity and better recovery to psychological well-being and being better equipped to handle stress.
The teachers are very warm and focused on growth of each individual. The icing on the cake is the friends we’ve made along the way 🙂
I wish Spandayod many, many more years of spreading health and joy.


I have been practicing yoga for the past one year, and I have felt the benefits of it in various aspects of my life. Yoga has helped me in my running since I am able to stretch better, which also helps in better recovery. It has helped improve my stamina, and overall made me healthier. I am thankful to Spandayod for helping change my life!

photo1Laxmikant Joshi-CEO, Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited, Kothrud, Pune

Vidyadhar and Dipti- though limited interaction, one of the best Yoga Gurus. He is very friendly, patient, composed, regular and systematic in his delivery and teachings.

Sameer Desai-M D Seagull Advertising Company

Spandayod is an excellent place for yoga. I`ve been going there for several years and found a tremendous improvement in my fitness and well-being. Not only am I more stress free, but also able to focus and enjoy my work. Spandayod has contributed in a more joyful living.

Vijay Jadeja-Automobile Sales

I was always a slow and reluctant starter mainly because my wife wants me to go for yoga classes. However, from the first day itself I felt significant changes in my energy levels as well felt rejuvenated. I have a perennial health problem with respect to my back – specially lower back. After a few sessions itself, I could feel the ease in pain as well as strength was coming back to my muscles. Moreover as a Sales Professional I have irregular hours of working and stressful living. Spandayod has helped me come over my pains and helped me immensely deal with these pressures.

Mrs. Seema Chaudhari-Teacher

I started paying more attention to my breathing. The flexibility of body increased. It took three months only to tone my body. I get personal attention even in a group. Yogi Vidyadhar exactly knows what physical constraints I have and keeps reminding about them.


Excellent Teacher!!!

Mrs. Dease- Lecturer St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Excellent! Helped me lose weight and improve my health.

Mr. Ganesh Bafana– Real Estate

Its good, as they give personal attention to your health issues and accordingly take Yoga and Pranayam.

Mr.Santosh Jadhav- Gym Instructor

Excellent people and environment and training.