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Spandayog believes in three principles which are the base factors for all our services. Yoga has come to us through traditional knowledge, with simplicity and in a natural manner. Thus we respect the journey of yoga till us through gurus, education, samsakaras and knowledge. We also would like to pass this knowledge and wisdom the same way with its purity, making sure that it does not get defiled with its techniques and awareness. Spandayog is and always will be following three principles

  • Traditional knowledge with scientific approach
  • Simple method to make yogic practices easy
  • Natural process in teaching and learning

Traditional knowledge has more scientific experience with yogis thus it was passed after experience and experiment not on others but on self, practices of Asana, Pranayama, Shatkarma Meditation etc. are experimented even with modern science which has astonished the world with its accuracy and positive effects on physical and mental health. The simplicity of practices makes easy for the learner and Natural process (without force) makes one independent. Thus learning becomes keeping more awareness, simplicity and natural process. Respect for the science increases more through above mentioned three principle which results in disciplined and healthy state of mind. Practices become perfect only when there is more awareness and positive attitude towards them with faith.