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A precious gift to human life based on truth, knowledge and wisdom and which is bound by universal uniformity. Simple meaning of word ‘Yog’ is union, to bind or connect. Science came into existence when our sages and yogis felt the need of self realization, understanding human life deep within and making it to the best of our abilities. As it stands for union of one’s whole personality revealing the potentials within to integrate (body and mind), expand (consciousness), and further develop (whole personality). This is discipline and has to be followed as per its rules and regulations, to get more benefits it should be done with more awareness towards body and breathe on the initial level.
This science aims towards understanding human existence and its meaning. It is very vast consisting of many things of which a few can be stated as Asana (Physical Posture), Kriya (Cleansing Processes), Pranayama (Breathing Techniques), Yogic Relaxation and Meditation. Since, one to grow and develop step by step in each limb of Yoga, it is necessary that one has guidance of a guru and Blessing of God. Around two to three hundred BC a yogi name Maharshi Patanjali systematized Yoga putting forth eight limbs known as Ashatang Y og in his treaties known as Patanjal Yog Sutra. There he categorized practices beginning from simple to complex yogic practices. They are as follows :

1. Yama  (Social Code of Conduct)

2. Nimayama  (Personal Code of Conduct)

3. Asana  (Physical Postures)

4. Pranayam  (Breathing Techniques)

5. Pratyahar  (Disassociation of Consciousness from the Outside Environment)

6. Dharana  (Concentration)

7. Dhyan  (Meditation)

8. Samadhi  (Identification with Pure Consciousness)