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Yoga is a preventive science which is really the best therapy for all physical and mental diseases. No doubt yoga also works as boon to many physical illnesses some acute and chronic as well. Certain psycho-somatic disease cannot be exactly diagnosed but can find yoga working on them effectively improving upon health of the patients. Worldwide yoga research is done on yogic practices and experimented on patients these have resulted into healthy body and mind. Spandayog also helps you to find relief to physical and mental practices through yoga. It has been experience with sadhakas that they find not only relief but extended practice also strengthens them and builds strong system to handle, cope or prevent problems.  Above all yogic practices also create harmony in whole personality keeping body and mind sound. Healthy body makes healthy mind and vice-versa. Thus one can not only take care of body and ignore mind but has to work hand in hand this is what we call harmony of personality.

Yoga works effectively with common diseases like back and neck pain, common cold, migraine, sinus, sciatica, slip disk, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.

You can also read in our testimony section how people have recovered from long term problems where they found nothing seems working until they started yoga. Our teachers have worked in yoga institutes under the physicians and utilize this experience and knowledge for the well being of sadhaka. If you are following some sort of physical aliment for a long time which may be disease or just the beginning of something could consult with us, if we can be of any help to you would be great to assist you find relief or cure.